shop A place for tea and art lovers. We have the higest quality tea to satisfy your taste buds.

"Life is a cup of tea..."

Business hours & Location

Tea & Drinks
Tea Box We have various hot and cold drinks to satisfy your needs. Tea Ceremony, Kung-Fu Tea, Healthy Herbal Tea, Jet tea, Tapioca/Bubble Tea, Smoothie...

Gift Set & Tea Pots
Customized Unique Handmade Gifts ~ A Gift From Heart ~ Artistic Gift Sets ... All Handmade, customizable with unique calligraphy, recipient's name and poem in English/Chinese. Various Herbal Tea Gift Sets/KungFu Tea Sets/Chinese style home decoration items A nice treat to yourself as a precious collection.
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Party & Event
Events Customizable party to fit your needs and budget
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony Party
    $10/person includes teaching, practicing, and enjoying kungfu tea. various high quality loose teas included, total $100 minimum expense per party for 1.5 hours. Book your own private tea party!!
  • Birthday Party, Birthday card printable
  • Group gathering, meeting and happy hours
Make Reservations!
Upcoming Events
  • 04/10 4 PM Teapots Silent Auction ( bid on a paper until April 24th to know.)
    4:30PM Chinese Medicine Dr. Sherry Lin
    " About Insomnia" short Free presentation for insomnia.
    5:00PM Free consultant
    4~ 8 PM Chinese KungFu tea Buffet party
    ( $15/person for over 20 kinds of precious teas), you may choose to join the buffet or just order item from menu. 6pm + $5 to do "Soul mate" tea tasting when there are over 6 persons to do it.
  • 04/17 4 PM Chinese Peking Opera performing + KungFu tea buffet party(4~8pm)
    RSVP only. Call to make reservations. $10/kid, $ 15/ student, $ 20/ Adult
    5 PM Riva's Collection Teas tasting party ( $ 20/person) / RARE TEAS.
  • 04/30 7 PM to midnight FAREWELL PARTY ($ 15/Adult, $10/kids, students for covered fee)
    Potluck~ Bring cultural food, cake, fruits...anything you want to share with us includes wine if you want. KungFu tea buffet OPEN MIC ~ Welcome any talents to share some fun here!
Regular Events
  • Poetry night
    Every Wed. 8:00 pm
  • Chinese Mah-Jong game time
    Every Friday 7 pm
    Come to enjoy a cup of fine tea and playing Mah-Jong together, also learn some Chinese during playing. Welcome to bring "GO" or other games here to play together.
    Download Mah-Jong reference card (pdf)
  • Riva's photos exibition

  • Chinese lesson

    $10/person, 6~12 person per class. for " 30mins learning+15 mins practice". Book a schedule for your group!
  • Chinese Calligraphy lesson
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony class
Call (512) 989-8678 for more information.